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Chauffeur Services to London

Many of our customers, on occasions will book our private car hire to London.

Chauffeur Services to LondonIt may be that you are needing chauffeur services for an important business meeting in London. You want to work in the car, running over your presentation and do not want to do it on the train, and knowing that driving up to London yourself is nigh on impossible in the time you have allocated yourself. You can then spend the time in your meeting or perhaps business lunch, in the full knowledge that Silverswift will be waiting for you when you come out. We can also drive you between more than one location, so after your meeting, you can make the offer that you use your chauffeur services to take you all to lunch! A great opportunity for networking as well as arriving in style at any London venue.

Or you may just want to book our chauffeur services to London for a night out – we can take up to 4 people and pick you up from wherever you are enjoying your evening, which will avoid all that queuing at the station at the end of the evening, perhaps missing the last train and getting across London to the station for your train! You may also just like to book our services if you are going shopping in London, perhaps even Christmas shopping with all those bags!

Private Car Hire to London for your Partner

Chauffeur Services to LondonOr perhaps you are the wife or partner of a London business person, whose presence is required at a party or business networking event for the evening. You may not want to travel alone on the train, especially if you are going for an evening out in London. Silverswift chauffeur services can pick you up from your home in Sussex and deliver you safely and extremely comfortably up the any location in London, where we can either leave or wait to bring you both home at the end of the evening. Using our chauffeur services also means that you won’t be reliant on train timetables, having to leave a party early, or having to pay top prices for London hotels.

Obviously it isn’t just London we can take you to – we will also chauffeur you to the O2, or other theatres, including the Brighton Centre for concerts. We also love to make the trip down to Glyndebourne in East Sussex and will gladly pick you up from Heathrow or Gatwick if you are coming in just for this amazing experience.

Silverswift luxury private car hire offers very convenient payment terms by cash, debit or credit card. We also take all major credit cards, including American Express.

We look forward to hearing from you for whichever venue you would like us to chauffeur you to, whether it is to the theatre, to visit The Gherkin, The Shard or perhaps it will be to travel to Canary Wharf in style – the choice is entirely yours.. Please call us on 07557 418101┬áto make your booking. We look forward to enjoying the excitement of your trip with you!